Past Speakers:

 Sarah Bader s/b IIDA
Sarah Bader s/b IIDA
 Henry Chao
Henry Chao
Principal and Healthcare Design Director
 Barry Rabner
Barry Rabner
President, CEO & Trustee
Princeton HealthCare System (PHCS)
 Bob Gesing
Bob Gesing
Principal/Healthcare Planner
Trinity Health Group
 Carlos L. Amato
Carlos L. Amato
Principa/Western Region Healthcare Market Leader
Cannon Design
 Walter Jones
Walter Jones
Senior Vice President, Campus Transformation
The MetroHealth System
 Mark Henderson
Mark Henderson
Executive Vice President, Healthcare
Gresham, Smith & Partners

3rd Next Generation Healthcare Facilities Summit – East Coast

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn more about the best practices and future trends in healthcare facilities design

The built environment of a healthcare facility directly impacts the safety, operations, clinical outcomes, and financial success of a healthcare organization. By discussing the challenges in a healthcare facility’s logistical design and addressing possible developments in improving the operations and conditions of a facility’s capital investment developments, layout, design practices & use of technology; as well as the use of mechanical equipment, audio, lighting and related controls, facilities can work towards operating more effectively and maximizing the value derived by the facility operators as well as their patients.

Ensuring a facility’s design is compliant with recent Affordable Care Act, and related regulations, and that the patient experience is strengthened by way of improved built environments is of the utmost importance in today’s evolving marketplace. To be compliant as well as competitive in today’s market, healthcare facilities have been building new buildings, renovating or expanding their current spaces; or entering new markets never before open to them, such as retail health. Furthermore, hospitals and other healthcare facilities have been planning construction projects with the understanding that aesthetically appealing and functional designs attract patients, insurance plans, and doctors; and in turn, have a direct impact on their bottom lines and growth potential.

IQPC’s 3rd Next Generation Healthcare Facilities Summit – East Coast was designed to address the challenges and solutions within the industry, through design and construction, so as to better equip healthcare organizations to be more competitive in today’s customer driven marketplace.

Join us this August to learn about:

  • How design/build can influence improvements in patient experience and quality of care; while enhancing patient satisfaction
  • Evaluating the regulatory environment (ACA, ADA, HIPPA) to be compliant with state, federal and local requirements; therefore avoiding halts in construction and potential budget overruns
  • Optimize your budget to make the most out of essential resources, enhance functional space, and utilize practical logistical systems to improve designs and outcomes
  • Topics vital to your future success such as: Developments and Trends in Retail Health, Modular Design, IPD, LEAN, Value Engineering, BIM, P3, LEED, and much more

Take this opportunity to explore some of the most important issues being considered in the healthcare facilities design industry today. Learn more about the evolving healthcare facilities design landscape by roundtable/panel discussions and other interactive formats led by thought leaders in the field---as well as from your peers and competitors including Healthcare Facility Owners, Architects, Engineers, Project Managers, Facility Managers, Healthcare Market Leaders and many others.

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